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Welcome to BBLIVEUK! The one place for your Big Brother Live Streams and Highlights!

The Current Series of Big Brother is: Celebrity Big Brother 2011

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The owner of this site goes by the name of Dotcomboy17 in the Live Chat and you can visit his website by going to http://dotcomboy17.com where you can find out more about the owner, You can also follow Dotcomboy17 on twitter with the twitter name @DCBTV

We Aim to bring you the best of the Big Brother Feeds as well as entertainment while there isnt much to see on the stream, we will try and cover the 24/7 Live Stream as Much as possible on this website and if we are unable to do so we may be looking for a stream to replace it, It is very hard to keep the Live Stream going without it being taken down so you must bare with us while we are looking for a new feed!

Maybe you can help us? If you have a Live Feed for us that you would like us to put on, Just let us know in the Live Chat below or use the contact form above so we can load in a new feed as fast as we can.

As well as the Live Stream we show the Highlights Show every day from the past 24 hours inside the Big Brother House which you may find below in one of our Live Streams.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us, If you have any questions Please Contact Us or ask in the Live Chat Below.

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